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Westchester County Attorney: Drafting Employee Handbooks, Litigating Disputes And More

Providing Efficient, Strategic Representation

Disputes with employees have a way of deteriorating morale in the workplace, creating costly litigation and undermining a business’s bottom line. At The Law Offices of Mitchell I. Weingarden, pllc, our Westchester County lawyer is highly experienced in minimizing such financial damage and achieving efficient, equitable resolutions.

We represent businesses in White Plains and throughout New York, and the scope of our litigation practice extends to both state and federal courts. We also help corporate clients create best practices and draft employee handbooks in a way that minimizes the potential for employment disputes in the future.

“I have been a lawyer since 1984, during which time I have worked as an Assistant District Attorney handling homicide cases in Brooklyn and served as vice president for a Fortune 500 company. I have in-depth knowledge of corporate and employment law, a wealth of courtroom experience and an aggressive approach to defending employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other unlawful conduct.” — Mitchell Weingarden, Attorney at Law

Preventing Disputes Through Carefully Crafted Contracts

The best approach for handling employment disputes is to avoid them in the first place. Since employment disputes often arise from misunderstanding and confusion related to contracts, employee handbooks and best practices, it is essential to make sure these documents are meticulously crafted to avoid ambiguity and account for every conceivable contingency.

At The Law Offices of Mitchell I. Weingarden, pllc, we provide negotiation, drafting and review of separation and severance agreements, noncompete agreements and other employment-related contracts. We also help employers develop effective employee handbooks and best practices.

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